Art Canvas+#

The Art Canvas+ Playground occupies a square grid measuring 2000 millimeters by 2000 millimeters with a border measuring approximately 203 millimeters.

The VR Robot’s starting position is at the coordinate (0, 0).


VR Robot Attributes#

The Art Maze+ Playground uses the standard VR Robot Configuration.

The standard VR Robot measures approximately 133 millimeters long and 50.8 millimeters wide. The wheels are 50mm in diameter.



API Documentation

Python Command Name


The Wall Maze+ Robot has access to a standard 2x2 Drivetrain with a built-in Gyro Sensor to track the VR Robot’s heading and angle of rotation.

Blocks - Python


VR Pen

The Robot has access to the standard VR Pen tool.

Blocks - Python


Eye Sensor

The Robot only has access to the Down Eye Sensor.

Blocks - Python


Distance Sensor

The Robot has access the Front, Left, and Right Distance Sensors.

Blocks - Python

front_distance left_distance right_distance

Location Sensor

The Robot has access to a Location Sensor that can report its current position.

Blocks - Python